Installing Oracle SOA 11g R1 & OSB 11g R1 Patch Set 2 (


In this post we will see detailed steps to install SOA 11g. Here in 11g version, a user has a flexibility to use any port. 11g expects installed database as a pre-reqs and uses that database to create corresponding repository. This way we can have database and listener at any port and provide that information while creating repository. This post will show step by step and detailed steps to create oracle soa, bam, osb, JCA adapter configurations.

Also another important feature with all 11g components is that web server used is weblogic and it is kept as another separate component in the form of pre-reqs. So any 11g components requiring web server expects weblogic as pre-reqs. With this brief introduction about 11g FMW components characteristics we will see the installation procedure for SOA 11g.

Installing SOA 11g:

Following are the brief steps for installing SOA 11g:

1 Oracle Database 10g Installation Instructions.pdf

2 Repository Creation Utility Installation Instructions.pdf

3 Oracle Weblogic Server 10.3.3.pdf

4 Oracle SOA Suite Installation Instructions.pdf

5 Oracle SOA Suite Upgrade Installation Instructions.pdf

6 Domain Creation Installation Instructions.pdf

7 Admin Server Verification Instructions.pdf

8 SOA Server Verification Instructions.pdf

9 BAM Server Verification Instructions.pdf

10 Oracle Service Bus Installation Instructions.pdf

11 Domain Extension for OSB Installation Instructions.pdf

12 OSB Server Verification Instructions.pdf

13 Configuring JMS Adapter Instructions.pdf

14 Configuring BAM Adapter Instructions.pdf

I hope using the above steps, it would be easy to get started with the 11g... :)

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